Frequently Asked Questions

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This depends on the size and complexity of your garden space, Also the time of year and how keen you are. Some clients are happy with fortnightly or monthly visits. These clients usually take care of tasks in between themselves. If your looking for a maintained lawn throughout spring and summer, i recommend getting a gardener in every week or two.

Scarifying a lawn is the process of removing dead thatch (the brown material found beneath the green grass blades and soil). A small amount of thatch is a good thing in lawns, but in large quantities it can prevent new growth, prevent water and nutrients from reaching the roots, and encourage moss to form.

Spring is ideal for planting and summer is perfect for garden maintenance. Autumn is best for preparing your garden space for winter. Winter is good for planting and pruning fruit trees and bushes

Our Gardening business proudly serves the Cambridge and Cambridgeshire area. No job is to small or big, we are happy to help all

Tipping is not expected in this line of work. There is no set amount or obligation to tip

A Gardeners rate reflects the cost of running their business. The running costs of a Gardening business are just as high as other professional trades, costs include- Accountant, insurance, transport, vehicle maintenance, tools, training and tool maintenance.

Every job is different and require different Gardening tools, time, services and equipment.therefore it is best to get in contact and we will send a custom quote.